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Harley Davidson hearse

Alternative transport at funerals is becoming more and more popular with vehicles inspired by the work or passion of the person who has died.

The team at Daren Persson Funeral Services were able to give a motorbike fanatic a fitting final ride thanks to a Harley Davidson hearse.

Kenneth Grimes, known to everyone as Paul, loved travelling on two wheels during his younger years, and his family asked for the special tribute as part of their funeral arrangements.

And despite the snowy conditions, the experienced hearse driver and team at Daren Persson were able to take Mr Grimes to Tynemouth Crematorium for his final farewell.

Senior Funeral Director Bill Bremner said he was delighted to honour the request from the family.
“We were told Paul and his wife used to go away for trips on the back of his bikes, and he had always loved them,”

Bill said. “It was a pleasure to help. When we arrived and they saw the hearse for the first time it was exactly what they asked for so it was fantastic.

“I think they had an idea in their mind of what it would be like, and this even surpassed that. “I’ve arranged a few with unusual vehicles now including a flat bed lorry and if there is a way to have a flat
surface to put a coffin on then it can usually be done.

“There are a few unusual hearses around the country which we can get hold of when we need them.”

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